janet laying down the law


More of my vis dev work for Bioshock: Infinite! (You can see my concepts for young Liz over yonder in this post)

Sooo I also got to work on designing Robert and Rosalind, who you end up meeting pretty early on in the game.  I’m only three hours in so I don’t know if their full names are spoilers yet, so I’m playing it safe. :)

The two of them were still in the really early design stages when I was brought on, so I got to have a lot of free reign with them; I’ll be honest, I’d pretty happy rock Rosalind’s final outfit given half the chance.


dragonborn at their finest 


Rome » Yeasayer

I paint my face red, but I'm wearing purple
I'm a gladiator, high-heeled, opium-fueled, in a bubble

Glen Keane on Aladdin’s model.


When you fuck something up first thing in the morning


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I remember my jaw dropping the first time I realized exactly what song was being covered here.

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